Michael Whitney and Associates is a boutique insurance brokerage, meaning we’re able to offer a variety of insurance products.  With the help of our network of brokers and insurance companies, we are able to offer our services in all fifty states.

We are successful in finding insurance products for our hard to place clients and have access to unique markets that meets this need.

Our motto is “Let Us Show You the Way to Go!”

This is what we do:

  • Assess client’s insurance needs and risk profile by gathering information.
  • Build and maintain relationships with our clients which include meeting with them and getting a full understanding of their business or personal lives.
  • Research A+ rated insurance companies and negotiate with their underwriters to find the most suitable insurance coverage for our clients.
  • Arrange specialized types of insurance coverage in complex cases by preparing reports for insurance underwriters, other brokers, etc…
  • Advise clients on risk management and help them to devise new ways to mitigate losses.
  • Renew and amend existing policies.
  • Advise on claims issues.
  • We keep up with changes in the insurance market and in our clients industries. 

Our Services

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